prof ABC Nwosu

By Taiwo Adeyemi

Former Minister of Education and an Elder Statesman, Prof ABC Nwosu has said proscribed Ingenious People of Biafra (IPOB) and Movement for the Actualization of sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) can not harassed anybody in the region to support their agitation.

Nwosu disclosed this in an interview in Benin City.

He said “In any society in Igbo, we have authority structures, we have traditional rulership; we have the youths who are responsible for movements. So, because of that, nobody is disturbing them. But they cannot bully anybody into the cause which many people don’t understand”.


”They want to create a Biafra, it is their right. There are those who have been part of Biafra who don’t see that Biafra as the answer; those people also have a right. And no amount of youths can bully people who don’t want”.

”Those who were fighting on the other side didn’t believe it but those who Ojukwu was leading believed in it and Ojukwu stayed throughout and that was why they continued to honour Ojukwu when he returned from exile and continued to honour even after death. We should define a cause before we start fighting. I think that is the problem with the current struggle by the youths”.

Nwosu maintained that South East are not interested in Presidency but restructuring is the solution to the problem of the country.

”The top Igbo agenda is restructuring, presidency is secondary. Presidency is simply a matter of pride that we are also Nigerians and entitled to be President. That is it, the Igbo man is not going to progress in Nigeria or retrogress in Nigeria because he is President or he is not President. Everything that has been thrown at him has shown that he can progress or retrogress depending on his own capacity. But the Igbo man wants to be President to show that he has a very significant population and that he has contributed significantly to the growth of Nigeria and will not allow himself to be treated as a second class citizen. The Igbo soul abhors injustice; even the colonial masters who bought Igbo slaves learnt that you cannot suppress the Igbo soul. Restructuring is there for everybody. Restructuring will benefit the West, the North, the South and everybody”.


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