By Taiwo Adeyemi

Public Affair Officer United State Consulate in Lagos, Darcy Zotter has said the reason American Embassy denies Nigerians Visas is because they failed to produce required documents and no clue plan for what they intend to do in the State.

Darcy gave this insight on a radio programme monitored in Osogbo the Osun state capital on Friday 25th June 2018.

”There are many people than ever applying for Visas so the turn day rate is not going up a beat, it is more or less the same but the absolute numbers of people applying for Visas has seen all time high”.


”Just want to emphasis here, when applying for a non immigrant visa, just want to distinguish it for immigrant visa, when applying for non immigrant visa the most common one is B1, B2, you need to make sure you come with your documents”.

”For instance, if you say you are going for a workshop and you are going to give a paper, bring a letter of invitation, show the paper that you are qualified to give them talk”.

”Secondly, you have to have a clue plan, if they they say Mr Jones what would you be doing within the two weeks and you can’t articulate it then that is a big concern, you have to have a clue plan, you have to be qualified”.

She denied allegation of American Government targeting Nigerians for deportation at the border.

”The department of State issued visa, department of Homeland security are the people that actually meet you at the border, they are going to look at your visa, saying you are here for two weeks, if what you say to them and how you present yourself marches up with the purpose you were given the visa, you get going that is vast mature people”.

“However, if you say you are coming for a two week vacation and it is July and open up your suitcase and you have a winter coat and then the purpose of your visit doesn’t march up with how you appear, you will be sent back, this is global not directed at Nigerians”.

She warned Nigerians that want to apply for study in the US to be careful of unaccredited Universities and Colleges that scam applicants.

”We have a problem with something what we call diploma mails, these are what we call non accredited Universities. Do American get scammed? Yes! Do International Students get scammed? Yes! So, when you decide to apply to United State University, go to educationus.state.gov”.

“They have a link that identifies all accredited Universities, there are over five thousand accredited and colleges and Universities in USA”.

”Why is this matter? When you apply apply for Visa to go to the United State, if it is a non accredited University, it is highly and likely they are not going to give you visa, let say for some reasons they made a mistake and you get to the US that your diploma worth next to nothing  because when you go to look for a job or want to do other studies, people won’t accept it”.



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