Falz launches Sweet Boys Association (SBA)

Falz launches Sweet Boys Association (SBA)

You may know him as a rapper, actor, and comedian, but Folarin ‘Falz’ Falana has added a new feather to his cap as president of the Sweet Boys Association (SBA)

You may be wondering… what is SBA? You are not alone.

From the information disclosed, it is a prestigious league of well-mannered, well-clad and purposeful, ambitious gentlemen.

According to Falz, the inaugural members of the Sweet Boys Association are BBNaija star Tobi Bakre, media personality Noble Igwe, and actor Timini Egbuson.

To apply for SBA membership, the entertainer says interested applicants can do so at www.sweetboysassociation.com

Once you apply, be sure to get this message.

Sweet Boys Association code of conduct

You shall dress impeccably well at all times.

You shall compose yourself with utmost confidence, certitude and assurance at all times

Your swag shall remain a hundred. Not one less at any given time.

You shall aspire to be the best in your field of study or practice.

You shall express yourself however you wish, as long as you do not obstruct another person’s ability to express himself/herself

Wherever you find yourself, you must always act within the confines of the law.

You shall never conduct yourself in a manner that exposes the association to disrepute.

You must treat all human beings with utmost respect. Nobody is above or below another.

You shall not be fraudulent or corrupt in your ways.






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