OPINION: 2019 election electorates’ dilemma choosing between known devil and untrusted angel by Taiwo Adeyemi


As Nigeria is approaching 2019 election, each political party has ‘’donated’’ their flag bearer to electorates. Two political parties have dominated public discourse, the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) and the major opposition party, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

APC nominated the almighty incumbent President Muhammadu Buhari, who the party claimed is very strong and popular among the party faithful that no candidate came forward to challenge his re-election bid. He was returned in a grand style through a popular direct primary.

PDP was not left behind in the national donation of candidates by giving Nigerians a former vice- President, a constant contender since 2007, Atiku Abubakar through its shower of dollar primary election that happened in Port Harcourt, the Rivers state capital where delegates returned home swimming in dollar’s rivers.

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PDP has ruled the country for 16  uninterrupted years from 1999 to 2015. Its bad deeds outweigh its good deeds in office. A government that permitted systematic looting unabated, four two terms Governors of the party have been jailed.

The party failed to bring succor to troubled Nigerians that were delivered from the jaw of military juntas that threatened to suffocate them. Infrastructural deficiency was bequeathed to the nation when the party was leaving office.  Gross violation of court judgments against its government.

Internal party democracy was sacrificed to breed godfathers who determined who gets the party ticket. Godfathers emerged from north to south. Governors became political emperors of their respective states, they gave out party tickets  to cronies based on loyalty at the detriment of potential to deliver dividend of democracy.

Opposing voices in the states are muffled and sent to political guillotine. PDP government was a cesspool of corruption, nepotism and missing of heart tearing fund. The party is a known devil.

Nigerians rejected PDP in 2015 with its atrocities. They were promised change by the APC. The party was the guiding angel to the promise land, change was the mantra to cross PDP ‘’red sea’’. The march was led by Bola Tinubu in the south-west, Rochas Okorocha shouted it in the south-east but his people ignored him. Rotimi Ameachi voice was not audible in the south-south.  Bukola Saraki left PDP to shout the change in the North-Central. Muhammadu Buhari led the march in his North-West and extended his tentacle to the North-East.

Buhari and his cohorts promised everything to sway Nigerian voters, popular one dollar to one naira, refineries to work in full capacity, reduction in fuel pump price, strong anti-graft war. Buhari’s promises are endless. He was the guiding angel to the promise land.

Less than a year to end his first term, he has failed to deliver all his promises. He has betrayed majority trust; he has shown he is not capable to lead to the promise land. The agent of change has failed to change national plight.

As clock is moving towards 2019 election, electorates are thinking whose basket to put their eggs. Should they close their eyes to APC shortcomings and embrace Buhari and APC for second term? Should they accept PDP apology and follow PDP and Atiku’s restructuring cry and economy revamp promise.

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo that promised third force has endorsed Atiku


Third force to run for help is becoming lifeless everyday as the election is coming closer. Former President, Olusegun Obasnajo that promised it has endorsed PDP and Atiku for victory putting third force hope in limbo.

Youth Aspirants, Kingsley Moghalu, Fela Durotoye, Omoyele Sowore (marijuana advocator) and others are just to have their parties to appear on ballot paper, they can never win a polling unit.

Nigerian electorates in dare conundrum of choice in 2019 election.



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