Kaakaki Communication Limited is the publisher of Kaakaki News with its head office in osun state.

Our vision is to report trending news in the polity from all perspectives to our teeming audiences across the globe without fair or favour to any party involved at the detriment of others.

Our motto is absolute truth to our audiences, parties involved and to the world.

We believe that media has the capacity to transform a nation from poverty to prosperity, from squalor to wellness and from stagnation to success when it is use in proper perspective.

However, media also has the capacity to derail progress of a nation, leading to war, hardship and crisis. Our nation has seen this happen in our history.

Wealthy politicians have hijacked it to promote their evil agenda and citizens cannot separate lies from truth.

Our stakeholders believe it is time for core professionals to use their pen that is mightier than sword to bring our nation back to its lost glory, to raise issues beyond petty gain for the purpose of our youths.

To raise issues that will make Nigeria to be in par with other emerging great nations of the world.

Our core value for absolute truth makes us different from our competitors.

We intend to extend our frontier to other media of mass communication but we are lunching out through this online news platform to fulfill the yearning of our citizens in search of truth.

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  1. Kaakaki News is an independent new platform without affinity with any political party, religion organization and civil society but we are committed to our core values and ethics of journalism.
  2. We accept advert from all political parties, religion organization and any corporate organization.
  3. We abhor any advert that will promote pornography, defamation and abuse of others religion and ethnicity.
  4. All Adverts must the meet the ethical standard of Advertising Practitioner Council of Nigeria (APCON).
  5. Adverts must be received two (2) days before placement to allow for proper ethical assessment.
  6. Advert can run for maximum 7 days.
  7. Extension of advert beyond 7 days must be notified two days to end its present running.
  8. In a situation that extension of advert is not received, it is believed that there is no extension.
  9. Sponsored article is subject to approval before payment.

Our Team:

Our competent team is led by Taiwo Adeyemi, a graduate of Mass Communication from a reputable institution. He is a prolific writer and a competent commentator on trending issues in the polity.

Our IT team is made up of brilliant personnel who are committed to ethical standard of the profession.



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Contact us:

Kaakaki Communication Limited,
Mapoline Ede Osun State.
Phone number: (+234) 0703 365 5726
Email: editor@kaakakinews.com